Moving towards sustainability

« That’s the spirit! »

Since its creation in 2013, the Léopold 7 brewery has been developing a sustainability project applying ecological, social and participative values through its daily actions: steam recovery, energy optimisation of water treatment, exclusive use of Belgian malting barley, partnership with sheltered workshops, installation of solar pumps, and installation of solar panels financed by the local authority.
This leading to our Léopold 7 CLASSIC being produced using silica (low energy consumption), screen-printed and returnable bottles. Since 2019, the brewery has been working on a range of long-neck cans made from 100% recyclable aluminium. 100% recyclable aluminium. 
As an eco-active company, we are proud of our commitment to our 4 fundamental pillars: People, Planet, Participation and Prosperity.
All these actions helped our brewery to win the CSR Professional 2019 award (in the French-speaking category), a national prize that rewards companies committed to a continuous and coherent Corporate Social Responsibility plan. Something for the entire team to be proud of!